Booklet Catalogue


Booklet catalogues provide you with the opportunity to express key information that you wish to convey, in a stunning and vivid manner of presentation. Whether it be for a school assignment, business interview, or B2B information sharing, your booklet catalogue will allow those with which you wish to communicate, with an easy to follow document of your ideas.

Print & Design Experts have been providing the highest quality of informative booklet catalogues for quite some time, with our attention to detail and impeccable presentation making us professionals in the field. We offer booklet catalogues in various formats and orientations, ensuring that our work caters to everyone’s needs.

Binder booklets

Full bleed binder booklets represent the pinnacle of information sharing, and can add extra weight and value to the topic that you are discussing with your assessors or colleagues. Ideal for graphical representation and as a photography portfolio, your binder booklet made by Print & Design Experts will provide you with that extra advantage in your topic discussion.

Our binder booklets are designed to allow you to display the full gamut of the ideas and information that you wish to share in remarkable detail. Binder booklets are also highly effective in either a portrait or landscape format, and the team at Print & Design Experts can easily accommodate any particular format that you desire.

Hard cover booklets

Providing a hard cover booklet catalogue to your colleagues or clientele, is a great way to provide them with a permanent record of the information that you wish to share. Perfectly suited for price lists, fashion covers and promotional material, Print & Design Experts can create an all expansive, hard cover booklet for your marketing needs.

Our hard cover booklets are guaranteed to fly off the shelves through the high quality of the final product, and will help to share awareness of your business effortlessly, and quicker than ever before. Whilst hard cover booklets are most effective in a portrait orientation, we can also create landscape booklets for special displays or occasions.

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