The importance of marketing activities cannot be denied in today’s time. While the general perception is that online and social media marketing has replaced marketing activities across the globe, but there is still no denying the fact that the traditional and relatively old school marketing techniques like the use of television adverts, newspaper advertisements, business cards, flyers, pamphlets and brochures still exists. Out of all these old school marketing techniques, brochures are the most used to market any product or service.


There are several reasons why brochures are so popular among several marketing techniques, which include the fact that brochures are attractive and catch the attention of the target market instantly. They are easy to read and skim through, which makes it easy for the potential customer to read them and grab the information they contain. It is important for marketers to realise that any potential customer will not invest too much time in any marketing activity, which is precisely why the marketing activity needs to be attractive and contain information that is easy to grasp.

Moreover, brochures are easy to design and print too, which makes them a popular option for all kinds of business activities. When compared to television adverts and other advertising techniques, brochures are convenient for marketers and thus a popular option for most businesses.

Another reason why brochures are so famous for marketers and advertisers is that they can be used to market any kind of business or product and service. For instance, brochures are used to market food and restaurant industry while at the same time brochures are also used to market schools and hospitals. This speaks volumes about the diverse products and services that can be advertised and marketed with the use of brochures. Not all marketing and advertising techniques are sufficient to market such a diverse range of products and services, which makes brochures a popular choice among various businesses.


Moreover, brochures are cost effective and since all marketing departments need to work within set budgets, they prefer brochures because of their affordability too. When compared to print advertisements, billboards, or television adverts, brochures cost a fraction and provide the same kind of response, which is another reason why brochures are so popular among other marketing and advertising methods.

Brochures come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which ensures that all businesses will be able to find something that suits them. The level of personalisation and customisation offered by brochures in terms of designing and conveyed the marketing message of a business is immense, which is preferred and liked by businesses. From A4 to DL, there are various sizes for brochures and it all depends on the kind of message the company wants to convey through its brochures.

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