Greeting Cards

Nothing expresses your feelings quite like a personalised greeting card, whether it be for a birthday, as wedding invitations, or as a simple thank you to someone for something special that they’ve done. Custom greeting cards are also a great way to make an impression on another person, showing you’ve gone to the effort to thank them in a personal manner.

At Print & Design Experts, we can create a custom greeting card that will be able to represent exactly what you want to express, no matter what the occasion is. With the many different types of papers that we have, your greeting card made by us will also be distinctive and unique, whilst displaying the same brilliant quality that has made us famous.

Vivid colours


What makes a greeting card is the presentation behind the message, and at Print & Design Experts, our remarkably clear and concise colour printing is bound to make a stunning, first impression. Utilising the latest, cutting edge, printer and toner technology, we alone are on hand to present your ideas in a clarity that was previously thought impossible.

No matter which colours you choose for your greeting cards – or imagery for that matter – they will not have a truer reflection in the real world, than they will when printed at our studio. We can also customise your greeting card to be any size that you desire, allowing you to add that particular, personal touch to your greeting card.

Stunning full bleed

Looking to provide a shock and awe aspect with your customised greeting card? Our full bleed card variants will look stunning, and are guaranteed to amaze the lucky recipient of your card. Our high quality, full bleed printing procedure will ensure that your card will not only look fantastic, but that its incredible visuals will last for a long time to come.

We also have a wide range of materials and different grades of paper for you to choose from, each of which will provide you with the opportunity to display your message in incredible clarity and definition. With Print & Design Experts, no matter what your idea for a greeting card is, we will bring it roaring into life with the most concise detailing imaginable.

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