Letterheads and Envelops

In a world where emails and Internet has completely taken over business activities and communication, many wonder if letterheads are still used. They totally are! To win a client or customer, image is everything and to build that business image, letterheads can play a crucial role.

For a business, it is very important to be taken seriously and for that image plays a huge role in communicating a formal outlook and serious image of the business. This can be done through a business’s letterhead. A well-designed, crafted and printed image is the first step towards conveyed a positive image of a business.


In an Internet dominated and digital world, a letterhead acts as the front-liner in any business’s communication. The letterhead is most likely to be the first thing a stakeholder will see whenever they receive your mail. And as they say, the first impression is the last impression; the letterhead will create an everlasting impact.

Letterheads are a great way to convey important information about the business regarding where it is located, what it produces or serves, and how it deals with its customers. They also play an influential role in how customers perceive a business. To say that a letterhead contains everything about a business in one single glance would not be wrong; it introduces a business, conveys who is operating the business and indicates the products or services offered by that business.

This is precisely why designing letterheads and determining where to get them printed is important for businesses. It is also crucial to decide what needs to be put on the letterhead what information should you put in your letterhead. Information is an umbrella term and can include a lot so it is crucial to decide what information is significant enough to be included on the letterhead. For instance, the company’s name, address, and contact details should be printed on the letterhead but any information more than that could lead to an information overload, which ruins the image of a letterhead. Therefore, the right balance is important.


One of the biggest concerns of promotion of a business offering is conveying the message to the customers and the target market. Getting people to notice your marketing material and message and getting them to retain that information is a difficult task in itself. There are several ways to do it in today’s time including internet-marketing techniques, above the line promotional methods like billboards and television adverts along with print marketing techniques. With various options available to marketers to advertise and market a business’s offerings, it often becomes rather tricky to pick the most effective one.

Print marketing techniques like the use of brochures, flyers, postcards, notebooks and stickers has been noted to be one of the best ways to market a brand and its products or services. It has also been noted that notepads are a great way to market brands. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, they are easy to design, convenient to produce and quite cost effective, which ensures that there is no burden on the marketing department of an organisation or business.

Secondly, they help creating a lasting impact on the mind of the receiver. This is because they are distributed to large groups of people. Since notepads are a useful product, people use them to record important information or their thoughts. This is why notepads have greater chances of reminding the person about the brand again and again. While flyers and brochures are usually thrown away after reading, notepads are retained and used for a longer period of time, which makes it easy to brand a product or service through a notepad. Every time someone uses the notepad, they will see the name of the organization, its brand offerings and maybe its contact details or the slogan, which can make quite an impact and helping the potential customer remember the brand for times to come.


One of the greatest rules to advertising is repetition and notepads make use of that rule. This is precisely why using custom notepads to market the offerings or a brand is a great way to remind them of the business on a regular basis thereby practicing the rule of repetition. It is this repetition that not only helps them remember the brand name but also makes them more likely to consider the products or services of your brand whenever they need something that the brand offers.

Notepads are easy to design and print. There are numerous firms out there that offer to design, print and customise notepads according to a brand’s custom advertising requirements. We are one such firm that offers to make the entire process easier for our clients. Just discuss your advertising needs with us and we will customise a notepad that will not only attract customers but create a lasting impact on them.


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